6 Tips For Search engine Optimization

As we all know keywords are the backbone of any website to rank, but before that, you need to create a topic which you will cover from 1st to next month. Then you come with short words which are relevant to the product or service which you provide for that you can choose the Use Google Keyword Tool and identify the searches, which relate to your business.
You can create the topic by using these short tail keywords for ranking, but these keywords are too competitive to highly rank on Google,
By using search volume and competitors you can easily measure which keyword is relevant, and you need to make the list of 10-15 short tail keywords which is relevant to your business or service which you provide.

As I already told you that keyword is the backbone of any website to rank, so you need to choose keyword very wisely after choosing a targeted keyword you also need to identify long tail keywords which dig deeper into your original topic keyword.
If I take an example, on the daily base we create content on the topic, but it still difficult to rank on Google. By creating content for multiple pages we also are competing with our own content which already targets the same keyword and also the same search engine results page (SERPs). Apart from that when you choose a topic for your blog post which explains the concept for that which keyword you choose for. Understand this in this way: more you provide correct and engaging information to the audience more traffic you get and that traffic you can convert into a lead. So, in this way, Google crawls the pages and you can easily rank higher.

If you want to rank a website on Search Engine, target a small or any individual keyword and rank it is some time next to impossible.
So, I tell you in the first step you need to choose the topic, and for each topic, you need to choose a long tail keyword. The main page of SEO, always tells you about Keyword research, image optimization, SEO Strategy, and that entire topic which is important. You can simply create a number of pages where you provide information to your reader and there you can easily elaborate about your blog post.
From starting by keyword research you need to identify which keyword you use for which page. By the number of pages you can easily elaborate which service you provide, offer the location of the business. In this case, they can easily find you no matter which keyword they use.
For the page, you need to use relevant content related to the topic and also the images, video.

Creating a blog is basically the way by which you can easily rank and also engage with your costumer, and adding a blog is a chance to rank on a search engine if your website doesn’t have a blog then setup one.

  1. Don’t need to put long tail keyword more than three to four times throughout the page. Google doesn’t consider repeated or exact keywords match. If you use the same keyword again and again then it’s not good for your website and gets a red flag on a search engine, maybe which penalize your website and also drop your rank.
  2. Then after that, you need to find out the link which you can use it in the form of tags (CRM) or use the basic anchor text.
  3. After publishing each blog post, link it with another page which supports the subtopic. By choosing the right place that introduce the topic and then after you can easily put a link on it.
  4. By this, you tell to Google that there’s a relation between the long tail keyword and overreaching topic you’re trying to rank for.

Only creating content or do on-page activity is not the only way by which you can rank your website, but parallelly you also need to do off page activity for that you need to do create a backlink for high ranking. To get a higher ranking you need to create a link building which attracts the inbound link.

For an off page activity, you need to start from small, you need to share your link with other local site or exchange for links to their sites. You can also write a blog for the post and share them Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. You can also approach another blogger for blogging opportunity, and you can easily link back to your website. Another way to attract inbound link is to use your blog to post related to current even and new by this you can easily connect with a number of people.

There are multiple ways by which you can easily update yourself, which helps you to improve your website ranking, Read the latest SEO News and changes, defiantly makes a big impact on your website ranking.

    Here are a few resources:
  1. SEOmoz
  2. SEO Book
  3. Search Engine Roundtable



One of the most important SEO elements are the target keywords. Let our team determine the best strategy for all your link building activities to increase your search engine ranking and organic traffic.

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One of the most important SEO elements are the target keywords. Let our team determine the best strategy for all your link building activities to increase your search engine ranking and organic traffic.


Our local search engine optimization experts leverage the power of this facility and make sure that your business shows up on maps. Another strategy is to be found on Google maps and Google My Business.
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