Email Marketing


A unique mode of promoting any products and services via E-mails. Reaching your target customers forms the basis of any promotional activities as well as getting returns in the form of more and more customers visiting your webpage and ultimately buying your products. Get acquainted with your potential customers, their needs and deliver them the requisite offers, latest deals and company news via emails. Email marketing should be utilized in spaces of Branding, retention, engagement, referral, acquisition, Traffic, direct sales, reactivation etc.

Email Marketing Campaign

A series of E-mails sent to the potential customers, some keys steps include, creating your Email list, type of campaign to be sent like newsletters, announcement, create your campaign, monitor results.

Tracking and Reporting


Tracking actions associated with link clicks with the help of tagged UTMs and its parameters like Source of Traffic, Medium and Campaign. These are the three basic modes of tracking E-mail marketing. Measuring and reporting is done via email marketing platform or Google Analytics.

Email Template Design

Designing a perfect template for your Email Campaign is a building block of running email campaigns. Some important things to keep in mind while executing the design is subject line, a quirky email copy, an actionable call-to-action (CTA) and a CAN-SPAM compatible footer.

Email Marketing is still used as an effective channel for campaign monitoring, increasing revenues and customers, as with an increase in the numbers of social media users this mode of marketing has reached an immense popularity in the digital marketing space. Email Marketing is doing a robust growth in terms of customer’s engagement and is the best strategy currently employed by many out there in the market ahead than social media, SEO and other modes of marketing. Prime reason here include an increase in the numbers of internet users over the years. Let’s take an example of our country, Indian email users grew to 34.9 million subscribers in 2011 to 200.3 million subscribers in 2018 (According to a research report published by Statistica), the volume speaks a considerable opportunities for people to explore business via such method.

People are bombarded with flows of ads, pitches, and unnecessary disruption in there sight. You might consider your email as special, but it may be a same story for the reader. Email Marketing is a sort of an invitation for dinner, respectfully take off your shoes if you are asked to do so. Some key aspect in building a comprehensive campaign is: Build a sizeable mailing list, get permission to do so, entice people to sign up with email series, free downloads, free white paper, product updates and new list. If you want to make people follow you, make sure you follow your own contents and regularly, add new and update it. Your follow up is strong, call to action is consistent, count on a positive campaign. Pitch your product at a right time, engage customers with innovative ideas and hit the button. Never surprise your mailer with a sudden pitch of your product. Take time, build a reputation with the mailer and finally go ahead with the pitch. Reevaluate your strategy in the market, E-mail marketing does deliver good numbers for your business. Be respectful, polite and deliver.

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